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To avoid becoming just another number overlooked by large financial institutions a portion of your wealth portfolio must be managed by a focused investment committee with specialist skills.  People who know who you are and what you are trying to achieve.

At Foundation Fund Managers our boutique asset management approach, backed by our Category 2 FSP license and seasoned inhouse investment committee, will ensure that your money is being looked after as if it were our own.  More than this, you will have direct access to the team managing your investment while allowing us to get to know your needs as an investor.

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What We Offer for You
Offshore Share Portfolios
Does owning a slice of the biggest and most successful companies in the world sound appealing? With us it's easier than you could ever have imagined.
Offshore Funds
So you’ve made the decision to invest offshore but the thought of unknown market risk is too much to bear. We have a low risk offshore fund perfect for you.
Foreign Exchange
Why get poor service and even worse exchange rates through traditional banking channels. Let us handle your currency conversions from now on.
Local Share Portfolios
In a challenging market the ability to cherry pick selected stocks is of paramount importance. We’ve been successfully doing exactly that for 19 years.
Financial Emigration
Worried about looming changes to double taxation laws or are you simply moving on to new adventures? Speak to our specialists in formalizing your emigration.
Daily Forex Report
The Rand is one of the most volatile traded currencies in the world. Our daily Rand report will help you understand what’s driving Rand price action.

Why Should You Choose Us ?

At Foundation Fund Managers we like to keep things simple. We do not want to take over the roll as your financial planner and that vital component in structuring your financial wellbeing must remain in place as is.

We are simply saying that our investment committee is unique to our offering, and we will become a valuable cog in your overall wealth portfolio by managing specific investments (either offshore or local). Let the usual suspects manage your RA, your pension, your medical aid, your life cover, your dread disease cover, etc. But once all of those important boxes are ticked and you have surplus monies to invest then Foundation Fund Managers has the expert skills and in-depth market knowledge needed to structure a focused investment portfolio for you.

Let us work with you in understanding your objectives and risk profile as an investor, and in return you get to enjoy direct contact with the professionals managing your money.

daily forex report
Our Latest Insights

Daily Forex Market Report

Good morning We are only at the start of the second day this week but already there is a very clear theme which will drive Rand price action for the next few days. We have opposing forces, each with their specific risk-on and risk-off attributes, and we can only hope that the risk-off camp wins the day. These are the mid rates as at 8:20 today: USD = 17.49 AUD = 11.51 GBP = 21.42 NZD = 10.74...