Offshore Share Portfolios

Prudent investment strategy states that a portion of your investment portfolio should be in a hard currency (USD, GBP or EUR). This is of specific relevance given our challenging local market conditions, but it would be true even if the South African market was firing on all cylinders as 99% of global GDP happens outside of our borders.

To this end Foundation Fund Managers has partnered with a prominent Swiss bank, Swissquote, so as offer our clients not only an overseas bank account but the ability to use that account as a vehicle for investing in the biggest global companies. The beauty of this solution is that you can now have a truly offshore investment delivering returns in hard currency, but one that is both in your own name as well as managed locally by a team you can visit at any time.

Our offshore share portfolios target an average annual return of between 10% and 15% in the foreign currency, and you too can now be the proud owner of the following companies:

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